Prints size and techniques can be customized.
Personalized study and estimate on demand.

The prints are made by renowned labs and the techniques used meet the best criteria of appearance and longevity required by galleries and museums.

Available (example)

Print on photo paper Fine Art

Laminated on Dibond

Size  50 x 65 cm

Frame  black wood

Price on demand or on Art Lover Place

Enigme Stream Art


Water between art and science  

Thomas Mathia, Dr de recherche 

Emmanuel Bazin, photographe

Terms and conditions
- Limited edition printing
- Certificates of authenticity
- Order validated upon receipt of a deposit of 40%
Payment by  PayPal

Book EAUX en Formes 

Creativ geométry: exhibition by Guylaine Quinet and Emmanuel Bazin

42 pages 

Hard cover  glossy

Size 21 x 28 cm

Price TTC without shipping charges:  35€

Fluides | insoites

Exhibition Waterfalls / Cascades

A single motion:

Watercolor by G. Quinet and photos E. Bazin

PDF file


Fluides | insoites

Book Strange Fluids

 and other collections

50 pages 

Hard cover  glossy

Size 21 x 29 cm

Price TTC without shipping charges:  35€

Fluides | insoites

Exhibition  CosmEAUgraphie

Strange waters views by 3 artists:

D. Plasse, G. Melzer, E. Bazin

Cosmos.    Eau.    Calligraphies

PDF file


Fluides | insoites

Beaulieu waterfall

A water theater

Edition Web en PDF


Fluides | insoites


Installation prtoject

PDF file

Fluides | insoites

Exhibition Démons et Merveilles  

with Nicole Lantier

July 2017, 

Paris, galerie Le Génie de la Bastille.

Water, Crossed Eyes

with Jacques Villatte

August 2017 in Lauzerte (82)

Crossed Waves

with Guylaine Quinet

September 2017 in Anse (69)

The Name of Water

Collectiv creation