About Stream Art

Stream Art is a group website dedicated to Water

Stream Art, any kind of artistic expression of water seen very closely

Stream Art, collaborative creations between photographers, artists, scientists

Stream Art like organic photos seized in wild nature, with no rework.

Stream Art pictures are the childs of two magic elements: On one hand Water in natural environment with her own life of waves and bubbles. On the other hand the natural day light with the colors of trees, clouds and sky. In between the free surface is my canvas.

Our choice is to focus on Close Waters views, on a surface of few square inches where physical  phenomenas could be interpreted, ... with the help of my old student memories.

At this distance our eye cannot follow all what's happenning so many are molecules and photons

Thank you camera ! 

Stream Art  key words


Nature,       fanatic watcher,       

  free  creation,     humor, ...

artistic collaboration,      physical laws,    ethnic art, ...   

Photos d'eau; stream-art; macro; photo

Water                           Light

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Scientific view

Artistic view

Stream Art picture

Born under the sign of Fish in 1951, in the harbour of Cherbourg, father was a Navy officer.

Engineering training (Ecole Centrale Lyon), soil and fluid mechanics,
National Service in the Navy in Toulon, 15 months on board, officer cadet,
A professional life of consulting trained to live in uncertain environments.
Choosed to devote early to the art of water photography, ... and to fully assume an emerging artist's situation.

He discovered the richeness of the photography of  "Close Water" with the eye of an engineer, a art and nature lover. He  developed observation techniques that provide an original point of view.
The deposit discovered being huge, he undertook to share it with artists by laying the foundations of the collective "Stream Art" which brings together those for whom water is a source of art.

His work on water is also the convergence of other visual arts practices: 45 years of sculpture, modeling and drawing, with some personal and local exhibitions.

Lives and works near Lyon (France), near a stream of course!

Engineering and art photograph A career through technique, science and art; and eight years of research and creation in Stream Art.

Eau | force | vitalité | Emmanuel Bazin


October 2017: Conference in St Paul de Vence

September 2017: Anse, Heritage Days with Guylaine Quinet

August 2017: Water, eyes crossed, with Jacques Villatte in Lauzerte (Occitanie)

June 2017: Demons and Wonders in Paris with Nicole Lantier

Feb. 2017: Waters in Shapes with Guylaine Quinet

Oct. 2016: CosmEAUgraphie with Danièle Plasse and Gisèle Meltzer

Sept. 2016: Cascades with Guylaine Quinet

June 2014: Unusual Fluids, personal exhibition. Caroline Tresca Gallery (75)

Nov. 2013: Waves and Chimeras, group exhibition, Caroline Tresca Gallery (75)


 BIO Emmanuel Bazin